Thursday, 8 January 2015

Benefits of Coffee Cup Reading And What is Coffee Cup Reading


A Coffee Cup Reading  can be quiet a fun experience. It tradition comes from the Turkish and Greek  Cultures.
 The reading has a 12  months timing and many pictures, numbers, letters tell its story.This is a  very interesting reading plus the coffee is very enjoyable drink.

The Benefits of Coffee Cup Readings:
  • Can surprise you with its mystical and magical signs and messages
  • Can help you with up to 12 month future predictions.
  • Are unique and a specialized reading that is very healing for the soul.
  • Can help you to see the journeys and travel that you so longed for.
  • Can show you where life has its ups and down and challenges to face thought out the year.
  • Can work with a lot of nature and it creatures showing how spirit guilds are their  protecting you.
  • Can help you resolve long lost love or soul mate that you have been waiting for.
  • Will show you about your family and friends and events that are coming up in the 12 month period.
  • Can predict money and career luck that is coming into your life.
  • Will show you when things that are unsettled in your life will be changing.
  • Are not only Worth Drinking the unquie flavor of the coffee but amongst friends and family this can bring alot love of community and culture together with lots of fun.
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