Monday, 24 August 2015

Coffee Cup Reader Courses Learn Coffee Cup Reading Courses

1. Introduction to Coffee Cup Reading
 What is Coffee Cup Reading
 Science behind Coffee Cup Reading
 How does it it work
 Benefit of Coffee Cup Reading
 Who can learn
 Scope of Coffee Cup Reading
2. History of Coffee Cup Reading
 History of Coffee
 Early development of Coffee Cup Reading
 Modern changes in coffee cup reading
3. Preparation of Coffee
 About Turkish Coffee
 About Turkish Coffee Pot
 How to prepare Coffee Blend
 How to prepare Coffee
 How to serve
4. Training Mind for Coffee Cup Reading
 Aana Pana Sati
 Bindu Gazing
 3D Gazing
 Ink Symbol Imagination
 Though Projection on Dotted Diagram
 Thought Projection on Dry Coffee Ground
 Thought Projection on Coffee Cup
Course Content5. Study of Symbols
 Finding symbol on Coffee cup
 Understanding the meaning of symbols
 Association of symbols with question
 Prediction 
6. A to Z Symbols Directory
 A to Z Study of Symbols and their meaning 
 Creating own Symbols 
 Creating own Meaning
 Association with question
 Accuracy in prediction
7. Things to Remember
 Before Reading
 During Reading
 Post Reading
8. Prayer and Dedication to Divine
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