Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Learn Coffee Cup Reading In Delhi/Coffee Cup Reader In Delhi NCR

Introduction to Coffee Cup Reading
What is Coffee Cup Reading
Science behind Coffee Cup Reading
How does it it work
Benefit of Coffee Cup Reading
Who can learn
Scope of Coffee Cup Reading
2. History of Coffee Cup Reading
History of Coffee
Early development of Coffee Cup Reading
Modern changes in coffee cup reading
3. Preparation of Coffee
About Turkish Coffee
About Turkish Coffee Pot
How to prepare Coffee Blend
How to prepare Coffee
How to serve
4. Training Mind for Coffee Cup Reading
Aana Pana Sati
Bindu Gazing
3D Gazing
Ink Symbol Imagination
Though Projection on Dotted Diagram
Thought Projection on Dry Coffee Ground
Thought Projection on Coffee Cup

5. Study of Symbols
Finding symbol on Coffee cup
Understanding the meaning of symbols
Association of symbols with question
6. A to Z Symbols Directory
A to Z Study of Symbols and their meaning
Creating own Symbols
Creating own Meaning
Association with question
Accuracy in prediction
7. Things to Remember
Before Reading
During Reading
Post Reading
8. Prayer and Dedication to Divine

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